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APTAE and ITALIQ projects (Indian Ocean)

Two projects complement each other to study and promote PGS in the Indian Ocean.

Firstly, the APTAE-OI project (2023-2025, financed by UE) “Acting for the agro-ecological transition in the Indian Ocean”, coordinated by Cirad in partnership with organizations, some of which are PGS project leaders such as Le Vélo Vert in Mauritius, or the NGO Development Initiative in the Comoros.

Several workshops were organized there and made it possible to launch the PGS Indian Ocean network.

Secondly, the ITALIQ project (2024-2026, financed by UE) “Technological and organizational innovations for quality foods” coordinated by CIRAD, which aims to improve food security in the Indian Ocean countries by promoting the availability of varied foods of quality on local and regional markets, while promoting the diversity of local food agro-resources. This project makes it possible in particular to capitalize on knowledge on PGS initiatives experienced in Madagascar.

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