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Institutional innovations for organic farming in Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco)

The IIABA project is based on the observation that to encourage organic farming, it is not enough to increase organic agricultural production. It is also necessary to develop appropriate institutions, both in terms of markets and guarantees of the 'organic' quality of products, and in terms of public policy. The aim of this project (2020-2023, financed by the Agence Française de Développement) was therefore to study institutional innovations in favour of organic farming in Morocco, Tanzania and Uganda. These three countries represent different agro-ecological zones and are experiencing varying degrees of pressure from climate change on natural resources.

One aspect of the research focused in particular on the Participatory Guarantee Systems developed in these 3 countries. Philippe Ninnin's doctoral thesis received financial support from the project to study the different dimensions of PGSs in East Africa.

Coordinated by the continental network The African Organic Network (AfrONet), with the involvement of various partners FIMABio and RIAM (Morocco), NOGAMU (Uganda), TOAM (Tanzania), CIRAD (UMR MOISA, France) and INRAE (UMR LISIS, France), the project aims to facilitate the increase of institutional innovations to promote the organic sector on the continent.

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